• Seasonal Selection

    Seasonal Selection

    Stunning Scented Flowers

    Enjoy all that the Isles of Scilly flower harvest has to offer, with a mixed selection from the islands’ current narcissi crop: golden ‘Soleil d'Or’, vibrant 'Royal Connection', decadent 'Erlicheer', crisp ‘Paper White’, and creamy 'Grand Primo'. This seasonal bouquet offers an invigorating blend of scent and colours of fresh Scilly flowers with at least two different varieties of selected seasonal narcissi included.

    Our beautiful flowers are carefully wrapped and presented in a midnight blue box. 

    From: £22.00

    To: £64.50

  • 'Agapanthus' Jug Bouquet

    'Agapanthus' Jug Bouquet

    A Limited Edition Bouquet by Dr. Heaney.

    A skilfully hand-fired ceramic jug from the work shop of artist Dr. Victoria Heaney, just down the road from the Isles of Scilly flower fields, with a bouquet of your choice of beautifully Scented Narcissi. Designed to hold your Isles of Scilly flowers, this limited edition and exclusive offering serves as a constant reminder of the beautiful Isles of Scilly, from one of our very own Scillonian artists.


    Have a look at the Victoria Heaney Shell design jug instead.

    From: £58.00

    To: £100.50

  • Seasonal Yellows and Golds

    Seasonal Yellows and Golds

    Our most highly scented bouquets

    Intoxicating fragrances and exhilarating colours, Scented Narcissi at their best. Fill the home with colour and scent with a bouquet of the iconic yellow Scented Narcissi. Varieties may include one or more of ‘Soleil d'Or’, 'Royal Connection' or 'Scilly Valentine' or another of our seasonal yellow varieties.

    Our flowers are carefully wrapped in our bespoke packaging before being sent to your UK address with free delivery across most of mainland UK.

    From: £22.00

    To: £64.50

  • Seasonal Whites & Creams

    Seasonal Whites & Creams

    A new season of scent

    The first of this season’s crops are ready for you to enjoy. Send flowers direct from the Isles of Scilly across the UK.

    Your bouquet will include one or more seasonal white or cream scented narcissi variety, beautifully wrapped and presented in a midnight blue box, making a perfect gift for yourself or for any Scilly lover. (Variety included in your bouquet may vary from the photo)

    Also available are our yellow narcissi; Why not try a mixed bouquet? Click here to shop now.

    From: £22.00

    To: £69.00

An iconic and exclusive Christmas flower, the sub tropical island climate where these narcissus flowers grow allow you to enrich your home with these highly scented British flowers before you see them anywhere else in the UK.

Whether looking to make the perfect Christmas centrepiece or to send an unusual Christmas gift for a family member, friend, or colleague, let the powerful fragrances of these bouquets transport and transform. All the bouquets in this collection are delicately wrapped in Christmas packaging and securely placed in a signature blue box with Scented Narcissi Christmas card containing your message.

Specialising in the traditional Isles of Scilly flowers, Scented Narcissi, their Seasonal fresh flowers are delivered across the UK. Each of their narcissus flowers is sourced from one of the nine family run flower farms on St. Mary’s and St.Agnes. The hand tied bouquet is carefully wrapped in bespoke gift packaging, and placed in an iconic blue box. Using a premium courier service, your flower delivery in the UK is tracked from the moment it leaves the island. Free delivery of flowers in London and across the UK* is included.