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  • New Variety: Royal Connection

    Royal Connection Scent Descriptor

    The stunning Royal Connection is now cropping on St. Mary's -given it's name as it is grown on Duchy of Cornwall farms.

    Royal Connection Small Image

    The vibrant rouge centre of this variety is as striking as it's exotic fragrance: reminiscent of Jasmine, gardenia and frangipani.

    This scent is passionate and wild, deep and mysterious.

    RC FROM TRem

    The team at Tremelethen Farm have individually hand picked and hand graded over 30 thousand stems of this variety in just one day!

    To order yourself some of this fabulous variety, click here

  • Sarah Paulger: Borough Farm

    Sarah is one of the only female farmers providing us with Narcissi on the islands. She took over Borough Farm from her father, and supplies us with beautifully Scented Narcissi throughout the Season- as well as the occasional field full of stunning Island Daffodils.

    Sarah Paulger


    Tell us about the Scented Narcissi you grow...

    We’re very proud of our Scented Narcissi flowers, families on the Isles of Scilly have been growing them here since the late 1800s. Today we have more varieties than ever before, ranging from pure white to rich yellow and orange and each variety has its own unique scent. The flowers are grown naturally, out of doors, in small sheltered fields.



    What do you love about the Isles of Scilly?

    I love the Isles of Scilly, and I also enjoy working with my brother on our farm. The community is very close knit on the islands, with everyone knowing everyone.

    Picture 014

    Tell us about working on the Farm...

    Working on the farm is a full time job. I grow Scented Narcissi through October- March, and during the Summer tend to the beef cattle and prepare the flower fields for next Season. I grew up on the islands, and as a child helped out on the farm ,so I have been a part of this industry my entire life.


    What do you love about working with Scented Narcissi?

    I enjoy working outdoors in the open air, surrounded by such beautiful scenery. I am also a real fan of Scented Narcissi flowers, and it feels as though this cottage industry is part of my family history. I have a great quality of life, and am extremely dedicated to keeping this cottage industry going. The flowers are grown in a very eco-friendly way, and I think it's important that people support British produce.

    Picture 034

    What's it like to be one of the only female farmers here on the islands?

    It's quite unusual to be a female farmer especially a female Narcissi grower, as there aren't that many at all. Traditionally, men picked the flowers and women graded and tied them, but I have taken on the full role!

    Island Daffs

    You can buy some of Sarah's Spring Island Daffodils, combined with heavenly scented Hugh Town Narcissi in our new bouquet for St. David's Day. 

  • Daffodils for St.David's Day

    Next Saturday is St. David's day, so we were overjoyed when Sarah Paulger, of Borough Farm told us she was going to have a field full of a variety of Daffodils called "Covent Garden".



    Sarah is one of the only female farmers here on St. Mary's, and we are proud to present to you the beautiful St. David's Day Bouquet we have created using her Spring scented Daffodils, and citrus vibrant Hugh Town.

    Island Daffs


    This bouquet is limited in number, as Sarah only has an exclusive crop of these daffodils, so make sure you are one of the lucky ones, and place your order now.

    Sarah Paulger

  • Scented Narcissi Survives the Storms

    After a long period of high winds and tides on the islands,  we are delighted to say that not only are our flowers flourishing, with new varieties coming up every day, we also had little to no disruptions to our deliveries during the storms.


    Despite having faced the worst storms on the Islands since 1980, the flower farmers of Scented Narcissi have been working furiously to battle the elements, and with the help of the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company, kept business open as usual shipping their flowers across to the Mainland.

    keith first Island Pride

    It’s been a challenging time logistically for us, but it has not affected the quality of the Scented Narcissi we have sent out, and thanks to the efforts of the Steamship Company, and our Courier service, has had little to no disruption to the delivery of our bouquets.


    Astonishingly, even with winds of up to 90mph recorded these delicate scented blooms continue to flourish


    Rob Hale of Tremelethen Farm said “The huge undertaking of hedge planting around the hundreds of tiny fields to create a ‘Shelter Belt’ over the last 25 years provides protection from the wind to the majority of the crop.  The loss is minimal after such a sustained period of high wind strength- it’s amazing more damage has not occurred“











  • Are you an Enviromantic? #britishflowers

    If you haven't seen the latest in the "flower news", you will not be aware of the latest surge of support for British Flowers. After the release of Interflora's Valentine's Bouquet (£195) a rally of British florists highlighted the lack of seasonality in these bouquets, and the detriment supporting them can have to the British Flower Industry.

    Gordon Bird First of the Sols Nov 2013

    Here on Scilly, we only use our own British flowers, grown on our farms, by our farmers, as they and their families have been doing for over 130 years.

    DSCF0162 k hale picking flowers

    From long labourious Summers planting bulbs, to cold hard winters in all the elements, our flowers support an island industry, making it the second largest industry on the islands after tourism.

    mike brown

    We would like to thank all of our customers- florists and direct, for making the choice to support us, and #britishflowers


  • Wild and Windy on Scilly

    We've had a terrible week of weather here on St.Mary's this week, with winds of  90 mph hitting the islands, teamed with high tides and waves of up to 40 feet!

    iphone4thfeb2013 045

    A huge thank you to our pickers and farmers who have been out every day this week, battling the elements to keep up with the cropping Scented Narcissi- yesterday our pickers were picking in 80 mph winds in hail and rain storms!




    iphone4thfeb2013 048


    Unbelievably, we have had minimal disruptions to our deliveries this week, managing with the help of Skybus, to fly the majority of our flowers out on Tuesday morning. We will endeavour to deliver all remaining bouquets on Friday of this week. If you have any questions concerning your order, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 01720 423767, or

    Have a look below at some of the stormy pictures taken on the islands last night and this morning- the seas have pushed sand right into the town centre!


    steve asten photo








    radio scilly



    pearson tweet



    toots Photo Courtesy of Toots Taxis

















    conor mabrey






    Once again we thank you for your continued support of our flower industry at this time. 




  • Severe Weather Warnings Affecting Deliveries This Week


    Unfortunately, we have been hit severely by the bad weather again on St. Mary's. At present, all flights are on hold, and a cancellation to the mid week boat we usually use means disruptions to our deliveries this week.

    storms 3rd feb tony nightengale Photograph by Tony Nightengale

    We will endeavour to send out our bouquets as soon as we can, and are hoping for a delivery at the end of the week. If you have any questions, or queries, or would like to amend your order, please don't hesitate to contact us on:

    01720 423767

    Photograph by Richard Wilcox Photograph by Richard Wilcox

    ">For more footage of the huge waves overlapping the quay, take a look at this video by Jeremy Pearson

     "> .

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