Bulbs, Bulbs, Bulbs!

Today we went down to Tremelethen Farm to see what father and son, Rob and Keith Hale, have been up to.


Tremelethen Farm are currently getting their bulbs ready to send off in huge quantities across the UK. Before they can send them, they have to clean and grade the bulbs.


The bulbs travel up the conveyor belt where any stones and debris are removed by hand.


Then the bulbs move on to a new section where they are brushed to remove any dirt.


The bulbs are then graded and sorted as they are shaken along the next part of the machine. There are different sized holes for the bulbs to fall into.


Once a basket is full, it's emptied into huge bulb containers, labelled by variety, and are then moved into the ventilated greenhouses.



Thanks Rob for showing us around!

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