An Inside Look at Island Life in Scilly

Life on the Isles of Scilly,

St Mary's Harbour on a Sunny Day St Mary's Harbour on a Sunny Day


Is not always that idyllic,

A Blanket of Fog Over St Mary's Harbour A Blanket of Fog Over St Mary's Harbour


But it is always interesting!

The past week has brought days of wind, rain, cold, cloud, and fog. Every element was an impediment to the delivery of our Scented Narcissi. Day after day we have seen winds of over forty miles per hour, dark clouds, and rain. Almost every Blue Box delivery this week has been delayed, either by winds too strong for the planes to fly. Or, seas too rough for the freight boat to sail.
But not just deliveries! Hot mugs of tea and coffee have been the solace for farmers who have sheltered under thick wet weather coats and trousers in order to keep picking through the cold, wet fields.

Grading of the Scented Narcissi Grading the Scented Narcissi - 'Graders' carefully work their way through the freshly picked narcissi brought in from the fields. Each flower is carefully separated into varying grades based on height and quality.

Workers with icy fingers flicking, twirling and tapping through bundles of stems as they grade the narcissi on height and quality. Simultaneously grateful to be undercover and protected in sheds, while also wishing they could move a little more to stay warm.

A Field of Narcissi on a Sunny Day A field of Scented Narcissi on a Sunny Day

But not to despair, the Isles also provide many gifts. Take this field of blooming narcissi happily growing in this island climate. Or the beautiful sunrise created by what would later become wet rain clouds. Scilly soldiers on, just as our Narcissi remind you that spring is coming, it reminds us too.

A winter's sunrise over St Mary's Airport A winter's sunrise with St Mary's Airport in the distance
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