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  • The Scented Narcissi Isles of Scilly Flower Christmas Gift Guide

    With our wonderful range of new Christmas bouquets, we thought we would give you the definitive Isles of Scilly Christmas Flower Gift Guide to you make sure your Scented Narcissi Christmas Bouquet is the right one for you to send or receive.

    1. The Figgy Pudding Bouquet

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    We love the handcrafted candles from our friends at the St.Eval Candle Company in North Cornwall, so were delighted when they showed us their fantastic range of Christmas Candles this year! 


    This bouquet combines the festive fragrance of seasonal Scented Narcissi with an iconic "Figgy Pudding" Christmas fragrance. With 40 hours burn time, this candle will be a welcome addition to any Christmas mantelpiece. This bouquet comes wrapped in gold and cream Christmas themed tissue paper, and finished off with beautiful Merry Christmas ribbon. Your own exclusively designed handwritten Christmas card is the finishing touch to this scent sensation.

    2. Dr Victoria Heaney Christmas Edition

    VHXmas teaser

    Dr Victoria Heaney is a fantastic Isles of Scilly based artist- She opened her first studio on St. Mary's in 2008, as featured on BBC 2’s ‘An Island Parish'. Specialising in original screen and linocut prints and hand-decorated chinaware, Vickie’s designs are inspired by the islands wildlife and marine heritage. Using her zoological background as a starting point, Vickie’s artwork employs clean stylish lines and vibrant colours to explore the bold patterns and images abundant in the natural world.

    vh extra

    This beautiful Dr. Heaney design of Scented Narcissi, on a 2 pint ceramic jug makes a striking addition to any household. As with all our bouquets,  it is carefully wrapped in gold and cream Christmas themed tissue paper, and finished off with beautiful Merry Christmas ribbon. Your own exclusively designed handwritten Christmas card is the finishing touch to this iconic bouquet. 

    3. A Cornish Christmas

    cornish xmas teaser

    Customise your Scented Narcissi Bouquet with mouthwatering slabs of Venezuelan Milk Chocolate Shards with Seasalt from Cornish Chocolatier Nicky Grant . With the best ingredients such as Cornish cream, butter and eggs as well as a hint of Cornish seasalt, who will you spoil with these Isles of Scilly Flowers?

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    Finishing touches are added with gold and cream Christmas themed tissue paper, and beautiful Merry Christmas ribbon and your own exclusively designed handwritten Christmas card .

    4. White Winter Wonderland

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    For Paper White lovers everywhere- the perfect Christmas Flower Bouquet from the Isles of Scilly. Guarantee this highly sought after variety in your home this Christmas, presented in our exquisite Christmas Wrapping.

    5. The Christmas Bouquet

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    Make your Scented Narcissi offering a little more unique this year, by transforming our Scented Classic Collection Bouquet into a festive Christmas Bouquet to remember. With gorgeous Christmas ribbon, and tissue paper and your own handwritten Christmas Card, this makes the perfect Christmas gesture this December.

    New Blue Box Box

    That brings us to the end of our wonderful Christmas Guide- to see all of our Christmas Collection, click here. If you couldn't find what you were looking for, why not think about sending one of our luxury gift vouchers, or call us on 01720 423767 and we would be happy to help you find the perfect gift! We are already taking orders for Christmas, and with limited availability with some of our bouquets, we suggest you get your order in and your Isles of Scilly flowers reserved!

  • Facebook Competition

    This week we have been running a fabulous Facebook competition giving one of our lucky Facebook "likers" a chance to win our gorgeous White Winter Wonderland Bouquet.

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    We had a fantastic response to this competition- with some really lovely things said about one of our newest bouquets- so thank you to everyone that shared, liked and commented.

    The winner of our Facebook competition is Holly Jenkins so a huge congratulations to her- we can't wait to arrange a delivery date with you!

    If you haven't already, take a look at our Facebook page to keep up to date with any special offers, competitions and of course news from the farms over our Christmas flower period.

  • A Pesky Pheasant with a Love of Paper Whites!

    This week the office was delighted to see we had a new friend in the Scented Narcissi fields outside the office window- a wonderfully coloured pheasant among all the gloomy weather this week had seen!


    Between taking your orders, and handling your bouquets, we have been trying to snap a picture of our pheasant all week- as you can see he is a very allusive chap!


    It was much to our surprise that one of our farmer's, Mr. Hale, was horrified to hear this bird was in his Scented Narcissi fields, as unbeknownst to us, what it was actually doing was kicking up the carefully planted Scented Narcissi bulbs him and his son, Rob,  had laboured over all Summer!


    This got us thinking- what's the worst pest in your garden? Let us know in your comments below, and we will ask our farmers for any top tips we can pass on to you (with over 130 years of farming behind them, they must know a thing or two!) 

  • We Have Changed: But It's Still Us

    Well where do we start with the changes this Season? If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you will have seen over the last two weeks sneak previews of what it is we have been doing. If you haven't? Let us show you!

    1. Our Brand New Logo:

    We have gone from this:

    Scented Narcissi's Old Logo

    To this:

    We wanted our new logo to look as beautiful as our flowers, so we called upon one of our friends, Graphic Designer Jacqui Stephens of Design Jellyfish to help us achieve this beautiful logo! We are now rolling out this logo on beautiful new bespoke flower boxes, designed to get your flowers from us to you in perfect condition.

    New Blue Box Box

    2. Our Courier Company

    We have changed our courier company to the wonderful APC this Season. We speak with our Cornish contact, Ross, every morning to discuss the delivery of our flowers, so they are picked up within moments of being delivered from St.Mary's to Lands End in Cornwall, and start their onward journey.

    3. Farmer Tags

    Scented Narcissi Farmer Tags

    We are proud to support the family run Scented Narcissi farms here on St. Mary's and St.Agnes, and we want to give our farmers more credit, and you more of an idea where your flowers are from. So now enjoy Scented Narcissi Farmer Tags with each bouquet we send out- so you know exactly where your Scented Narcissi came from! Can you collect a tag from each farm this Season? Click here to meet all our Farmers!

    4. Message Cards


    Our new message tags are delicately hand- tied around each bouquet with our bespoke branded ribbon, containing your personal message to your recipient. With Flower care instructions on the back, once untied, you can prop this card up next to your vase, so you always remember how to look after them!

    5. Website

    Using the wonderful Insite Digital, we have created a brand new website for you this season. Not only does this design give you more access to news about our flowers and farmers, it also gives you more ways to shop and an easier way to check out- especially for all of you placing multiple orders. If you need any help at all navigating your way around our new website, we are on hand: 01720 423767,

    6. New Collections 

    start of season postcard

    We have teamed up with some great Cornish and Isles of Scilly companies this Season to bring you the most varied and exclusive bouquets on the island. From our Scilly Inspired Collection to our wonderful Christmas Bouquets, we have the best and most unique bespoke British bouquets you could want.

    7. Same Flowers, Same Scent, Same Service, Same People


    Finally, we want to assure you that just because we have changed some things this Season, we are still very much the Isles of Scilly flower company you know and trust. The changes we have made this Season have all come from our tiny team putting their heads together and listening to the feedback you have given us, to create something beautiful that you will want to send and receive. It is still our beautiful Isles of Scilly Flowers, Scented Narcissi, you are receiving, and our hands that arrange your beautiful bouquets.

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    The Isles of Scilly Flower Farmers Thank You For Your Support

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