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  • Which Is the First Scented Narcissi?

    We are not far off sending the first of our Scented Narcissi for this season, but do you know which is normally our first variety to crop?


  • Scented Narcissi on the Horizon

    We've had a few sightings of Scented Narcissi shoots from our farmers over the past few weeks- not long to go until the start of our season!


    Will you be receiving one of the first of our luxury Isles of Scilly Flowers?

  • Bulbs, Bulbs, Bulbs!

    Today we went down to Tremelethen Farm to see what father and son, Rob and Keith Hale, have been up to.


    Tremelethen Farm are currently getting their bulbs ready to send off in huge quantities across the UK. Before they can send them, they have to clean and grade the bulbs.


    The bulbs travel up the conveyor belt where any stones and debris are removed by hand.


    Then the bulbs move on to a new section where they are brushed to remove any dirt.


    The bulbs are then graded and sorted as they are shaken along the next part of the machine. There are different sized holes for the bulbs to fall into.


    Once a basket is full, it's emptied into huge bulb containers, labelled by variety, and are then moved into the ventilated greenhouses.



    Thanks Rob for showing us around!

  • Burning Over

    The next stage for our busy farmers is "burning over" the fields. This removes any debris from the fields of last season's crop, and enables the cycle to start anew.


    The process of burning over started after some Isles of Scilly farmers had a bonfire on one of their Scented Narcissi fields in the 1920's.  The next season, a patch of Narcissi grew earlier than all the others in the field, right where the bonfire took place. The farmers realised that burning over the crops, meant earlier flowers.

    Propane Burner

    Originally, the farmers used bracken from the coastline, and then straw to burn over, but later, the Ministry of Agriculture introduced the farmers to Propane Burners, an easier and more efficient way of achieving the same result.

    burning over 2

    Another great result of burning over, is that it leaves a black residue on the ground, which then absorbs the heat- something our Scented Narcissi thrive on!

  • Life on the Farm July 2014

    Our farmers are as busy as ever preparing the fields for next Season's crop, which should be ready around the end of September.

    Mike Brown from Sunnyside Farm has been using the machine below, a "Bulb Hoover", in the last few days on his farm.

    MIke Brown Bulb Hoover 2 Summer 2014

    The Bulb Hoover has belts that scoop the bulbs up & into the wooden box on the back.

    Mike Brown Bulb Hoover 1 Summer 2014

    The next step is to bring them back to the shed for cleaning & grading.


    Before machines like this were invented, the bulbs used to be ploughed up,  left to dry on the ground, then picked up by hand into baskets.

  • Farm Life

    You might be wondering what all of our farmers do when we aren't sending out flowers. We've had suggestions that they are taking long holidays in foreign places, or relaxing on the islands- but unfortunately for them, that is far from the truth!


    At this stage in the Season, the farmers have to dig up all the acres of fields so they can treat and sterilise the Narcissi bulbs ready to be replanted.


    The fields are prepared ready for next season too!


    There is a long process before the bulbs are ready for replanting as they are above, so check back on our blog in a few weeks and we will explain the next stage to you!

  • Final Week for Ordering!

    Wow! What a Season it has been! We have provided you with over 20 different varieties of Scented Narcissi and Narcissi this season, with the help of our fabulous farmers!

    We have the last of this Season's flowers coming up from Tremelethen, Trenoweth, Seaways, Borough, Sunnyside, and Lighthouse Farm on St. Agnes, so make sure you don't miss out on your last chance to enjoy some Scented Narcissi this Season!

    Rob VAN

    We've had an amazing bundle of late cropping Scilly Pride from Lighthouse Farm, which is available now on our website!

    Scilly Pride Product IMage main

  • New Variety: Yellow Cheer

    We only have a few weeks left of flowers, which means we are starting to get through the last of our fabulous narcissi varieties.

    Yellow Cheer Small Image

    This week we have had the first of the exclusive double "Yellow Cheer" variety brought up to us by Tremelethen Farm.

    Yellow Cheer Product Image 3

    This stunning flower has pale lemon petals enriched by pastel orange flecks.

    Yellow Cheer Product Image 2

    Its subtle Spring scent is evocative of sunnier days to come- a true mood booster, as the name suggests, perfect to revitalise spirits.

    Yellow Cheer PRoduct Image 1

    Want to treat yourself to a gorgeous bouquet of these blooms? Click here to place your order now!

  • Easter Photo Shoot!

    We were blessed with some stunning weather on the Isles of Scilly this weekend, which coincided fantastically with our Easter photoshoot!

    Mainland Marketing (3013)




    We took bundles of our newest Scented Narcissi varieties down to Kylie and Dave of Salakee Farm, as we had something really special planned!







    They have started a new venture at Salakee Farm which you can read all about  here by visiting their website.



    Mainland Marketing (3009)




    The perfect Easter shoot! What great (and adorable) models!

    Even our Barefoot Photographer (who normally never gets in front of the lens!) was completely enraptured by these ducklings!




    To shop our Spring Collection, Click here!

  • New Bouquet: Scented Spring Time Spray

    One of the great things about sourcing our flowers form over 9 different farms here on St. Mary's and St.Agnes, is that we get access to some really unique and beautiful varieties of Narcissi and Daffodils.

    Two of our farmers have rallied together to bring us a beautiful crop of double Daffodils and Scented Narcissi from their farms- perfect to get you in the mood for Spring!

    Product Image Double Daffodils

    This stunning bouquet will include the beautiful "White Lion" double daffodil, a creamy white colour with a sunny yellow streak running through it, courtesy of Francis Hosken of Trenoweth Farm.

    White Lion

    Then we add in the exotic "Tahiti" from Sarah Paulger of Borough Farm to inject some real colour with vibrant Oranges and Reds.

    Widget 2 Homepage Double Daffs

    Finally, to compliment the subtle Spring scent of the daffodils, we have added in our latest crop of Yellow and Gold Scented Narcissi, Golden Dawn- it's beautiful and intoxicating Spring scent is sure to banish blues!


    It is officially Spring on the 20th March, so why not treat yourself with this fantastic and exclusive bouquet.

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