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  • Scented Narcissi is Open For Visitors!

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    This Summer, we have opened our shed doors to all those passing by showcasing our fabulous farmers and the work they put in to your Scented Narcissi.

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    Although a working shed between November and April, we often have comments from our customers that they'd love to come and see us, so we've opened our doors, and displayed a whole host of Scented Narcissi farming facts for you to explore.

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    With a fantastic archive of photos dating from the 1830's right through to present day, and lots of interesting facts about the second largest industry on the Isles of Scilly, make sure you drop in and say "hi" if you're visiting St. Mary's.

    Inside Shed Edit


    As well as being able to trace our history, learn more about our farmers, and see our bunching line, we have fabulous Blue Boxes of Isles of Scilly bulbs from our farmers which you can purchase, a well as some treats from  our resident artist Victoria Heaney and our farming friends at 28 Mile.

    We are right at the top of airport hill- just to the left of the airport turning, and follow our drive down until you see our shed- look out for the blue sign!

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