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  • Top Five Scilly Sunsets

    A bout of glorious weather here on the islands, has meant not only beautiful days, but stunning sunsets. Here are our top five from the last few days:

    Dial A Doux sunset

    Spero's Sunset

    Sunset Darren Mason

    Jeremy Pearson Sunset

    Kernow King SunsetIf you visit the islands this Summer, we would love to see any of your photos that you take while you are here- just post on our Facebook Page, or send us a Tweet.

  • Carreg Dhu: The Garden of St. Mary's

    We recently took a stroll through the wonderful Carreg Dhu gardens, based on St. Mary's.


    These beautiful gardens, pronounced locally as "Crake Dew", are a community garden near Longstone Terrace

    This means that you can go along and help maintain the garden, or simply relax and enjoy the beauty of it.

    Carreg Dhu 1


    They even have a whole section dedicated to the history of the Narcissi industry.

    Have you ever been?

    For more information on the gardens, take a look here: http://www.scillyonline.co.uk/carreg.html

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