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  • Burning Over

    The next stage for our busy farmers is "burning over" the fields. This removes any debris from the fields of last season's crop, and enables the cycle to start anew.


    The process of burning over started after some Isles of Scilly farmers had a bonfire on one of their Scented Narcissi fields in the 1920's.  The next season, a patch of Narcissi grew earlier than all the others in the field, right where the bonfire took place. The farmers realised that burning over the crops, meant earlier flowers.

    Propane Burner

    Originally, the farmers used bracken from the coastline, and then straw to burn over, but later, the Ministry of Agriculture introduced the farmers to Propane Burners, an easier and more efficient way of achieving the same result.

    burning over 2

    Another great result of burning over, is that it leaves a black residue on the ground, which then absorbs the heat- something our Scented Narcissi thrive on!

  • Island Flowers

    We might not have Scented Narcissi growing at the moment, but we do have some fabulous flowers blooming across the islands, in hedgerows, coastal paths, and gardens. Here are some of our favourite:

    Agapanthas 1



    Cow Parsley




  • Which is Your Favourite?

    We have hundreds of beaches across the islands, in all shapes and sizes

    021112photo 1



    Which is your favourite beach of all time?

  • Another Day in Paradise

    What a wonderful place we live in...7.6.12

  • Scilly Sunsets

    There are many things of incredible beauty here on the Isles of Scilly, but undoubtedly, the sunsets have to be one of the best. Here are some of our favourites. 20140110_083002



    sunrise 2dec

    sunset keith








    Picture 002


    DSCF0010 scilly sun set

  • Aerial Shots of the Isles of Scilly

    If you have ever travelled to Scilly by air, you will no doubt agree that the start of your journey is on the fantastic aerial shots of the island you get to see.










    Widget 1 hompage


    Can you recognise any of your favourite places on Scilly?

    Take a look at https://www.facebook.com/Scillyaerialphotography?fref=ts for more aerial footage of the islands.

  • Escape to the Isles of Scilly

    A few photos of our wonderful islands for you to enjoy- do you know where any of these places are? IMG_0554

    pelistry clear



  • Resident Dolphin on St. Mary's

    If you are a member of any Isles of Scilly social media pages, you will have found it impossible to miss the exciting news that we have a new visitor to the islands!

    DOlphin Radio SCilly

    This friendly and inquistive dolphin has been identified as "Nick" who has been seen around the South West Coast before.

    Shearwater Guesthouse Dophin Tweet

    He has been frolicking with the locals, and seems to love all the attention he has been receiving!

    Toots dolphin pic

    dolphin radio scilly 2

    Have you ever seen a dolphin on Scilly?

    For video footage of Nick playing alongside the boats, take a look at Crusader Island Boat Trips video here: on.fb.me/1rwY90y

  • New Variety: Yellow Cheer

    We only have a few weeks left of flowers, which means we are starting to get through the last of our fabulous narcissi varieties.

    Yellow Cheer Small Image

    This week we have had the first of the exclusive double "Yellow Cheer" variety brought up to us by Tremelethen Farm.

    Yellow Cheer Product Image 3

    This stunning flower has pale lemon petals enriched by pastel orange flecks.

    Yellow Cheer Product Image 2

    Its subtle Spring scent is evocative of sunnier days to come- a true mood booster, as the name suggests, perfect to revitalise spirits.

    Yellow Cheer PRoduct Image 1

    Want to treat yourself to a gorgeous bouquet of these blooms? Click here to place your order now!

  • New Variety: Bridal Crown

    Today we got a lovely bunch of Bridal Crown from Sarah Paulger of Burrough Farm.
    Bridal Crown

    This creamy double has a subtle sweet scent, and beautiful creamy petals contrasting with orange flecks. Unfortunately, the mild weather has meant this particular variety has grown too short for our Blue Box Bouquets- but look out for them in your local flower markets!

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