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  • Did You Find One?

    We recently took part in The Lonely Bouquet, hiding our luxury gift vouchers around St. Mary's for three lucky people to find!

    Can you guess where we left them?

    Lonely Bouquet The Powder Room

    Lonely Bouquet Porthcressa

    lonely B 007

    If you did find one of our vouchers, get in touch with us on 01720 423767, or email us orders@scentednarcissi.co.uk

  • The Lonely Bouquet 2014

    This weekend is the international celebration of The Lonely Bouquet, where thousands of people across the world leave fabulous bouquets of flowers to be found by the lucky people that just happen to walk by.

    Poundbury Florist LB2014

    (Some of our florists are taking part in the celebrations too- this one is by Jessie from The Poundbury Florist in Dorchester)

    As you all know, our flowers don't start growing until mid-September, but we won't let that stop us from joining in with the fun!

    LB2914 3

    This weekend, we are leaving three of our luxury boxed gift vouchers around St. Mary's for 3 lucky people to find.

    LB2014 1

    We might not be able to offer a bouquet, but hold on to the voucher you find, and you can redeem it this Autumn- we promise the first Scented Narcissi of the Season from our farmers will be worth the wait!

    lb2014 2

    If you do come across one of our gift vouchers, don't forget to let us know- we'd love to see a photo of you finding it and where!




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