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  • New Variety: Yellow Cheer

    We only have a few weeks left of flowers, which means we are starting to get through the last of our fabulous narcissi varieties.

    Yellow Cheer Small Image

    This week we have had the first of the exclusive double "Yellow Cheer" variety brought up to us by Tremelethen Farm.

    Yellow Cheer Product Image 3

    This stunning flower has pale lemon petals enriched by pastel orange flecks.

    Yellow Cheer Product Image 2

    Its subtle Spring scent is evocative of sunnier days to come- a true mood booster, as the name suggests, perfect to revitalise spirits.

    Yellow Cheer PRoduct Image 1

    Want to treat yourself to a gorgeous bouquet of these blooms? Click here to place your order now!

  • New Variety: Bridal Crown

    Today we got a lovely bunch of Bridal Crown from Sarah Paulger of Burrough Farm.
    Bridal Crown

    This creamy double has a subtle sweet scent, and beautiful creamy petals contrasting with orange flecks. Unfortunately, the mild weather has meant this particular variety has grown too short for our Blue Box Bouquets- but look out for them in your local flower markets!

  • Behind the Scenes at Scented Narcissi: The Blue Box Flower Company

    Mothering Sunday is a hugely busy time here at the Blue Box Flower Company- so we thought we would show you the chain of events that lead to your bouquet!

    First of all, the Scented Narcissi are hand picked to order by our various teams at all the farms that bring us flowers- this is a photo of Team Tremelethen picking the Scilly Pride that will be going out in all of our Mother's Day Bouquets on Friday.

    Scilly pride in field 2

    Below is Naomi of Team Sunnyside Farm holding a huge bundle of Scented Narcissi to be brought up to us!
    Nobby PIcking

    Next stage of the Scented Narcissi, is the grading process. Rhiannon of Sunnyside Farm is bundling all of the same length Scented Narcissi together- this is how we ensure that only the top grade of flower is sent out to our customers, which is why you  will always have those lovely long stems!


    Time to bring the Scented Narcissi up to the Blue Box Flower Company!

    RC FROM TRem

    Mike Brown Hugh Town

    Rob VAN

    Every day, our farmers visit us (multiple times) with van loads of flowers. Some of these are already tied and ready to go out in the bouquets, others need to be counted and tied by our Bunching Team.

    Bunching Line

    Once the Bunching Team have checked the grade of the flowers, they are counted in tens, and placed on the banding machine, which enables Louise, at the head of the machine to count exactly how many flowers each farmer has brought up to us!


    To keep the flowers fresh, we store them in a cold store which is a hive of activity as fresh flowers are shipped out, and new flowers are brought in- can you imagine the scent of all of these flowers?


    Finally, our florists select the freshest and best grade of Scented Narcissi flowers for our luxury Blue Box bouquets. They are placed in Flower Fresh Pouches, to ensure they have water for their journey, and then carefully wrapped and hand-tied in our bespoke packaging.

    Silver Chimes Emily Wisher

    The journey, of course, does not stop there. We then take our Blue Boxes up to the airport, or the quay and they are flown to Lands End, or placed on the Gry Maritha to start their journey to Penzance Quay.

    Our couriers come into their own at this point, delivering the bouquets up and down the UK.

    We still have a few weeks left of our Season until most of our Farm Teams will be going to their Summer jobs, so make sure you place your order while you still have a chance!

  • New Bouquet: Scented Spring Time Spray

    One of the great things about sourcing our flowers form over 9 different farms here on St. Mary's and St.Agnes, is that we get access to some really unique and beautiful varieties of Narcissi and Daffodils.

    Two of our farmers have rallied together to bring us a beautiful crop of double Daffodils and Scented Narcissi from their farms- perfect to get you in the mood for Spring!

    Product Image Double Daffodils

    This stunning bouquet will include the beautiful "White Lion" double daffodil, a creamy white colour with a sunny yellow streak running through it, courtesy of Francis Hosken of Trenoweth Farm.

    White Lion

    Then we add in the exotic "Tahiti" from Sarah Paulger of Borough Farm to inject some real colour with vibrant Oranges and Reds.

    Widget 2 Homepage Double Daffs

    Finally, to compliment the subtle Spring scent of the daffodils, we have added in our latest crop of Yellow and Gold Scented Narcissi, Golden Dawn- it's beautiful and intoxicating Spring scent is sure to banish blues!


    It is officially Spring on the 20th March, so why not treat yourself with this fantastic and exclusive bouquet.

  • New Variety: Silver Chimes

    The milder weather has brought with it a beautiful and highly exclusive variety of Scented Narcissi this week: Silver Chimes

    silver chimes product image 2

    This beautiful and rare variety has only been brought to us by one farmer this Season, Francis Hosken, of Trenoweth Farm.


    This beautiful heavy floret, nods gently on vibrant green stems-  the large creamy white petals and pale lemon bell a beacon of Spring. Our customers wait all Season for this beautiful Narcissi to crop.

    Silver Chimes Product Image

    A subtle fragrance of lilac and hyacinth compliment this delicate narcissi.

    This Variety makes a perfect alternative to Paperwhites and is available for a limited time only. Tempted? Click Here.

    silver chimes product image 2

  • New Variety: Daymark

    The shed was full of "oohs" and "ahhs" this morning as the first of the Daymark variety of Scented Narcissi made an appearance at the Blue Box Flower Company.


    This gorgeous variety is a highly scented flower with a sweet Spring like fragrance.


    With creamy petals that get nearer to white as the bloom develops, and a stark orange centre, this variety is a fresh and welcome addition to our Narcissi bouquets.



  • Daffodils for St.David's Day

    Next Saturday is St. David's day, so we were overjoyed when Sarah Paulger, of Borough Farm told us she was going to have a field full of a variety of Daffodils called "Covent Garden".



    Sarah is one of the only female farmers here on St. Mary's, and we are proud to present to you the beautiful St. David's Day Bouquet we have created using her Spring scented Daffodils, and citrus vibrant Hugh Town.

    Island Daffs


    This bouquet is limited in number, as Sarah only has an exclusive crop of these daffodils, so make sure you are one of the lucky ones, and place your order now.

    Sarah Paulger

  • Valentine's Day: The Scilly Rose

    >We have some wonderful Valentine's Day collections available for you this Season, but if you're looking for a simple, romantic alternative to the out-dated rose, why not try the beautiful Erlicheer variety of Scented Narcissi.


    Erlicheer is unlike any other variety of narcissi that crops here on Scilly. Beautiful double headed blooms sit upon each dark green stem, their petals unveiling themselves like a scented rose.


    Described as "the flower for a woman in the first glow of love" the gentle sweet vanilla custard scent of this variety is unlike any other for evoking a romantic mood.

    Support #britishflowers this Valentine's Day, and send a beautiful bouquet of Scented Erlicheer Narcissi to the one you love.

  • Featured Farmer: Mr.Brown, Sunnyside Farm

    With all of our Isles of Scilly flower famers here on the islands, we thought you might like to get to know a little bit more about who is growing your flowers, so here is the first in our series of Featured Famers.....


    Introducing Mr.Brown of Sunnyside Farm:

    mike brown


    How did you come to be on the Isles of Scilly? 

    My Great Grandfather was the first in our family to bring us to the islands in 1890. He went to Canada with 2p in his pocket and came back with 1p, so came to Scilly looking to increase his fortunes and find work!


    How did you first get into farming?

    When my Great Grandfather first came here, he worked on Tresco esate for Mr. Dorrien- Smith. Later himself and his son (my grandfather) took on a farm on St. Mary's. My Father followed in their footsteps and, as the eldest son, when he passed away, I took over the farm from him.


    Have you always just farmed Narcissi? 

    During the war, all of the farmers on the Isles of Scilly had to give 1/3 of their farms to growing vegetables such as broccoli and potatoes, much to the dislike of Mainland farmers who had to give up 1/2 of their land. We have also diversified into cattle for beef and dairy, chickens, pigs and all sorts at certain times!

    mike brown bulb shop

    What's your favourite farming memory?

    Christmas on the farm was always an exciting time. I used to go down to the farm with my 6 brothers and sisters and help Dad to tie flowers and make up boxes.



    What's your favourite Scented Narcissi variety and why?

    Golden Dawn because of it's exquisite scent, but I also like Soleil D'ors for their long vase life, delicate scent, and they are my favourite variety to pick!




    What's the funniest Scented Narcissi farming story you have for us?

    Years ago, we were picking flowers, and one of the pickers took their false teeth out at lunch to eat their sandwich. He put them on a hedge next to him, and a seagull picked them up and flew off with them!

    Picture 052


    What do you do when you're not out in the flower fields? 

    I am a keen racquet player, and love to play table tennis, squash, badminton and tennis.



    We hope you enjoyed reading all about Mr. Brown from Sunnyside Farm- if you have any more questions for him, just write under this post and we will get you some answers!

    Remember to look out for who farmed your flowers on your bouquet's Farmer tag

    Scented Narcissi Farmer Tags Scented Narcissi Farmer Tags
  • New Variety of Scented Narcissi Has Arrived!

    This morning we welcomed Gordon Bird of Pelistry Farm into the office with the first Sol's of the Season!

    Gordon Bird First of the Sols Nov 2013

    Sols are a huge favourite among our customers, who favour the grapefruit and vanilla nuances in their scent.

    The bad news is, we only had the handful you see to send out- but it won't be long before one of our other farms catches up, so watch this space!

    To shop from our current Varieties, click here.

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