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  • Chinese New Year

    This year, we have launched an exclusive limited edition, Chinese New Year Bouquet. Celebrated on Friday January 31st this year, the year of the horse, bring a little luck and fortune to someone dear to you.


    The Narcissi, in particular, the Paper White Scented Narcissi, has long been representative in Chinese culture. It signifies the promise of Spring and conveys wishes of good luck, prosperity and longevity.


    Our exclusive bouquet includes other traditional elements of Chinese culture. Your card will be placed in a red envelope used for special Chinese occasions. The tradition of red envelopes comes from a story about a demon who was vanquished during the Sung Dynasty. A young man with a magic sword defeated a demon that was menacing a town. The town presented him with money in a red envelope to reward him for his deed.


    In Chinese culture, red is the color of the auspicious, signifying reunion, health, happiness, harmony, peace and prosperity.


    The gold/yellow in the tissue paper selected for this bouquet is one of the most revered colours in Chinese culture, held as the symbolic colour of the five legendary emperors of  ancient China. The bouquet comes tied in the iconic decorative knotted red tassles, synonymous with Chinese culture.


    This bouquet is a symbol of luck, longevity and prosperity, so make sure you are one of the lucky few to get this limited edition bouquet delivered on Chinese New Year, Friday 31st January.

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