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  • Stormy Seas on Scilly

    We would like to say a huge "Thank You" to our wonderful customers who have been so understanding with any delays to deliveries in the last week due to the extreme weather faced. Below are just a few images captured by some of the locals on Scilly during the last week.

    Photo by G.Kershaw @GeorgeKershaw

    Sea Crashing Over the Quay. Photo from @radioscilly

    Waves Crashing over the Mermaid

    The Aftermath. Photo from @TootsTaxis

    Seaweed thrown up the street by the waves

    quay eldred Damage to the Quay at St.Mary's harbour

    quay aftermath (eldredbanfieldpic)


    Thank You again for your continued support at this challenging time for all of us on Scilly- as a testament to the quality of our flowers, you will be pleased to know they are still standing strong, protected by the hedgerows of our small fields.


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