Paperwhites, the only pure white variety of Scented Narcissi , very popular (4626730352779)
Bunches of scented narcissi, paperwhite variety, bunched with elastic in the farm shed  (4626730352779)
A close up image of the paperwhite variety of Scented Narcissi. Pure white petals and cups. (4626730352779)
3 delicate glass bottles each with one stem of paperwhite, a pure white variety of Scented narcissi. (4626730352779)
A pretty row of ceramic jugs in gentle shades of blues and greens, filled with paperwhite narcissi (4626730352779)
Scented Narcissi


An Iconic and Highly Scented Island Winter Flower. A warm balsamic vanilla base supports the creamy, almond-like soul of this bloom, crowned with a soft jasmine-like glow. This bouquet includes an exclusive Scent Descriptor.

Please note - this IS NOT our popular Christmas bouquet. If you order this bouquet for delivery in December you may receive cream flowers. Click here Christmas Paperwhite Winter Wonderland to guarantee Pure Paperwhite Narcissi at Christmas.

A gift message can be added and delivery date chosen at the checkout. While we will do everything we can to deliver on your chosen date, dates unfortunately cannot be absolutely guaranteed.

If you are ordering flowers for an occasion, we suggest choosing a delivery date before the special day.

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