• Gift Vouchers

    Gift Vouchers

    Gift Voucher from The Blue Box Flower Company.

    Not sure when they'll be in? Give a Scented Narcissi Gift Voucher presented in a blue envelope, and allow the recipient to choose when their flowers arrive.

    From: £22.00

    To: £60.00

  • Paper White - Shop By Scent

    Paper White - Shop By Scent

    An Iconic and Highly Scented Island Winter Flower.

    A warm balsamic vanilla base supports the creamy, almond-like soul of this bloom, crowned with a soft jasmine-like glow. This bouquet includes an exclusive Isles of Scilly notecard.

    From: £26.00

    To: £64.00

  • Soleil D'Or - Shop By Scent

    Soleil D'Or - Shop By Scent

    Our Farmers' Favourite.

    The traditional Isles of Scilly flower, the Soleil D' Or variety of Scented Narcissi, or "Sols" as they are sometimes called, have a beautifully unique fragrance of warm balsamic spice, and refreshing grapefruit.

    From: £26.00

    To: £64.00

  • Hugh Town - Shop By Scent

    Hugh Town - Shop By Scent

    Hugh Town

    This 'Hugh Town' variety is differentiated by the large floret and petals, and vivid orange center. Each stem provides 4 to 6 flowers, each up to 50mm in diameter, making a beautiful, full display.

    Crisp, with a refreshing sensation of a brisk sea breeze, the 'Hugh Town' fragrance is one with a warm heart of exotic jasmine and ylang ylang.

    From: £26.00

    To: £64.00

  • Grand Primo - Shop By Scent

    Grand Primo - Shop By Scent

    A Rich Dessert of a Fragrance.

    The twist of citrus in this Isles of Scilly Flower gives a refreshing edge to the creamy richness. This variety evokes total decadence, a fragrance that demands you to stop, relax and indulge your senses. A beautiful cream in colour with an exotic yellow cup.

    From: £26.00

    To: £64.00

  • Erlicheer - Shop By Variety

    Erlicheer - Shop By Variety

    Guarantee Erlicheer this season

    Creamy, double 'Erlicheer' variety of Scented Narcissi with a sweet, vanilla custard scent. This double-headed cream narcissi with multiple florets on each stem makes an impressively full display. 

    From: £26.00

    To: £64.00

  • Luxury Boxed Gift Voucher

    Luxury Boxed Gift Voucher

    Boxed Gift Voucher - The Blue Box Flower Co.

    Presented in an iconic Scented Narcissi gift box, allow the ultimate in luxury flowers to be delivered at their convenience. All gift vouchers include your personalised message.

    From: £27.00

    To: £65.00

For the connoisseurs of fragrance, find here limited availability varieties along with their unique scent descriptors as recorded by our team of experts: “The Three Noses”.

All the bouquets in this collection are delicately wrapped in bespoke packaging and securely placed in a signature blue box with a handwritten personalised gift card containing your message.

Specialising in the traditional Isles of Scilly flowers, Scented Narcissi, the Blue Box Flower Company's seasonal fresh flowers are delivered across the UK. Each of their narcissus flowers is sourced from one of the nine family run flower farms on St. Mary’s and St.Agnes. The hand tied bouquet is carefully wrapped in bespoke gift packaging, and placed in an iconic blue box. Using a premium courier service, your flower delivery in the UK is tracked from the moment it leaves the island. Free delivery of flowers in London and across the UK* is included.

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