The Isles of Scilly

The Isles of Scilly is a collection of small islands, 28 miles from the South West of Cornwall. The only way to reach us is by boat or plane, and using these methods, we transport our fabulously Scented Narcissi to mainland UK. During the summer our islands are an idyllic holiday destination, and in the Winter, our flower industry starts to bloom.

Who We Are

We are a unique flower company on the Isles of Scilly offering a level of quality and expertise that can only be achieved with British Flowers. Based on the island of St. Mary’s, just 28 miles from the South West of Cornwall, we help small family run farms who have been growing narcissi since the 1800’s, with sending their beautifully Scented Narcissi flowers direct to you.

How We Work

Our small team of Scillonians handle everything: from planting the bulbs, picking your orders direct from the fields, and bunching your flowers, before they are passed on to our florists who carefully arrange them into beautiful bouquets in our iconic blue boxes before they are shipped off.

The Blue Box Flower Company

We recognised that these beautiful flowers needed to be shared across the UK, displayed in something as special as they are, and so Scented Narcissi, The Blue Box Flower Company, was born. We leave the farmers in their fields doing what they do best, whilst we get their Isles of Scilly Flowers to you. We believe in creating a beautiful experience before our flowers are even revealed. Our bespoke packaging ensures an aesthetic delight, and a promise of the beautifully presented Scented Narcissi to come. At the core of our company is our strong commitment to quality flowers, and excellence in our customer service.

Why Our Flowers

By sourcing our flowers from all of the Isles of Scilly flower farms on St.Mary's and St. Agnes, we have access to over 16 different varieties of Scented Narcissi between October and April. Our flowers aren't grown with green houses or plastic coverings, so their stems are strong and hardy, making our flowers the best quality flowers you can receive. By purchasing your flowers from us, you support the Island's second largest industry, and of course keep our wonderful family farms thriving.

Our Delivery Service

We have carefully chosen our courier company to ensure your flower delivery is in safe hands on its way to you. All our flowers are tracked from the moment they leave us so we can let you know their progress, and when they have been delivered.