Caring For Your Flowers

  • Narcissi should last for up to a week, perhaps more if you take good care of the flowers
  • They like to be kept cool, away from a direct heat source. The cooler you keep them the longer they will last and therefore we recommend moving them to a cooler place at night
  • Trim the stems by approximately 2cm to encourage them to take up fresh water. Trim them again occasionally to help prolong their vase life
  • Never bash the stems; it can damage the vascular structure, preventing the stems from taking up water
  • Always use fresh water
  • Flower food doesn't make much difference to narcissi, but may cut bacteria in the water
  • Keep vases clean and avoid metallic vases - the use of oasis is not recommended
  • Keep away from ripening fruit, which releases ethylene gas and prematurely ages blooms
  • Remove dead heads from the flowers
  • With their lovely strong scent, Scilly Isles Scented Narcissi are a natural and attractive air freshener for your home!

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