Over 15 varieties in just one season!

By using different family run farms on St. Mary's and St. Agnes, we can fill your home with an abundance of different scents! Starting in October with the increasingly popular Paperwhites all the way through to April and our most highly scented Golden Dawn. Heavenly!

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Paper White

Oct - Feb

Paperwhites with their warm balsamic vanilla base with a soft jasmine glow.


Oct - Nov

Lily of the Valley and magnolia with a zesty mandarin radiance.

Island Pride

Nov - Jan

Large floreted creamy white petals with a pale yellow cup.

Soleil D'or

Nov - Feb

Grapefruit and vanilla on a woody balsamic base.

Hugh Town

Nov - Feb

Vivid bright colours with a large floret in size.

Grand Primo

Dec - Feb

Delicate petals, a creamy vanilla custard with a fresh lemon zest.


Dec - March

Pointed petals and a paler shade of cream with a stronger yellow cup.


Dec - Early April

The Isles of Scilly Rose. a subtle scent of sweet vanilla custard.

Scilly Valentine


Delicate petals. Jasmine, gardenia and frangipani.


Feb - March

Large creamy petals with bold orange red cups.

Royal Connection

Feb - March

Large bright yellow petals with vivid orange cups.



Small creamy white petals with beautifully contrasting orange cups.

Yellow Cheer


Pale yellow double headed variety with a gentle scent.

Golden Dawn

March - Early April

The latest flowering variety. Highly scented with beautiful orange cups.

Winston Churchill

March - Early April

Creamy double headed variety with orange flecks.