Sarah Paulger

Sarah is the 3rd generation of her family to take on the farm tenancy for Borough farm and one of the very few Scillonian lady farmers to do so .
On Borough they mainly grow scented narcissus but also like to grow a few double daffodils - Golden Ducat ,Tahiti  and a few old fashioned varieties like  Actaea .
Sarah's brother Sullivan now helps her on the farm and her husband Luke kindly transports her flowers up to the Scented Narcissi stores for her . She is hoping her young son Edward may one day take over the farm .


Sarah Paulger excels at growing big, healthy crops of ‘Soleil d’Or’ Narcissi

Sarah says the secret to her wonderfully healthy flowers is that she keeps the foliage up for as long as possible. She also has a tip for those of you growing narcissi in your own gardens: remove the dead heads so that the goodness goes back into the bulb; this makes the bulbs bigger. Sarah also recommends that you don’t keep them flowering for too long, especially in the first year. The same theory applies to your fresh cut narcissi: ‘By removing any flower heads which are past their best, not only will it keep your bouquet looking fresh, it will also encourage the other buds on each stem to open up.’