Smell the Flowers: A Narcissi Guide to a Happy New Year

Ah, the new year. A time for fresh starts, resolutions, and a renewed sense of optimism. And what better way to embrace the new year than by brightening up your space with some beautiful narcissi flowers? These vibrant blooms are sure to bring a smile to your face and add a touch of cheer to any room. So, let's dive into the world of narcissi and discover why they are the perfect way to kick off the new year!

What are narcissi flowers?

First things first, let's get to know our star of the show - narcissi flowers. These lovely blooms are part of the daffodil family and are known for their vibrant yellow, white, and orange petals. Narcissi flowers are not only visually appealing but also have a delightful fragrance that will fill your home with a sweet scent.

The Isles of Scilly have been famous for growing Narcissi since the 1800s and our expert farmers are able to produce over 16 different varieties of Narcissi between October and April. Our flowers aren't grown with green houses or plastic coverings, so their stems are strong and hardy, making our flowers the best quality flowers you can receive.


Why are narcissi flowers perfect for the new year?

Well, for starters, narcissi flowers symbolize new beginnings and rebirth. They are often associated with the arrival of spring, which is a season of growth and renewal. By bringing narcissi flowers into your home, you are inviting positive energy and a fresh start into your space. Plus, their bright colors are a surefire way to banish any winter blues and add a pop of cheer to your surroundings.

Ways to incorporate narcissi flowers into your life

Let's explore some ways to incorporate Narcissi into your life:

1. Small vases offer a charming and intimate way to display narcissi. Their petite size allows for easy placement on windowsills, dressers, or even bedside tables. By using small vases, you can create multiple arrangements throughout your home, spreading the beauty and fragrance of narcissi to every corner.


2. Gift a bouquet of narcissi to a loved one. Nothing says "I care" like a beautiful bunch of flowers.

3. Use narcissi as a table centerpiece for your next dinner party. Create a stunning display by grouping several narcissi stems of the same variety, together in a tight cluster. This arrangement exudes elegance and simplicity, and will create a visually striking focal point. The elegance and simplicity of the flowers will be showcased, allowing their individual beauty to shine. Your guests will be impressed by your floral prowess.


So, there you have it - a delightful way to brighten up the new year with narcissi flowers. Whether you choose to display them in your home or gift them to a friend, these vibrant blooms are sure to bring joy and positivity into your life. Embrace the new year with open arms and a bouquet of narcissi!


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